About Us

To provide a service that will pay our clients
a lifetime of dividends.

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The essence of HZ Tech is rooted in the spirit of our service. We endeavor to provide a high-quality service by completing all our work with pride and integrity. It’s here where we dedicate ourselves to upholding the responsibility and trust which our customers bestow to us.

In this line of business, there are many promises that are never fulfilled, however, our record speaks for itself. Delivering your desired results is our main goal. We believe in organic development, nurturing a seed from when it’s initially planted and watering it to see it beautifully blossom.

Our journey that started from two friends remotely working in their living rooms with a simple dream, has now blossomed into a team of 40 highly-skilled individuals coalescing in our very own office space. Developing a portfolio that speaks for itself over the last 7 years has been our greatest achievement.

Hard work and attention to detail can never be underestimated, long-term development produces quality results that hold much more weight than anything cheap tricks can generate in the short-term.

Haider Abbas

Born-entrepreneur and brand-strategist by heart, Mr. Haider Abbas is a true business catalyst who started with a vision and stood firm with it.




Muhammad Zamin

Self-aware and technically-sound engineer, Mr. Muhammad Zamin is an IT-Enthusiast who understands even the most complex technicalities of the I.T. industry.


Our Story

HZ Tech was founded with the ambition to provide I.T. Solutions with an unparalleled service, highlighted in our ambitious objective: To provide a service that will pay you a lifetime of dividends.

Our story begins with identifying a problem. As the founders of this company, we previously worked for different I.T. Solution companies. Having experienced numerous broken work cultures, where directors and employees alike, did not care about their customer’s needs and were only interested in the pay check at the end of the tunnel. We found this disturbingly strange as in a service-based industry, they lacked the ability to serve. The biggest problem arises when a customer leaves unhappy and you cannot identify why.

We left our jobs…with the understanding that there was a gap in the market and the belief that our skills and potential to serve were both big enough to fill this gap.

Established in 2011, a passion project we started as 2 friends in our living rooms, has now blossomed into a team of 37 compassionated fellows who are software developers, designers, SEO's, technical architects - all boasting a wide range of skills and qualities. Our team is relatively small compared to bigger corporate operations, but what we lack in size, we make up for in attention to detail and dedication to our work. Yes, we provide a service, but we also pride in ourselves in offering an experience that no other digital agency can provide.

Based in Karachi, Pakistan- we understand we are in the heart of a crowded industry, but endeavor to stand out from the crowd. How do we plan to do this? Our record speaks for itself, and if that is not enough, let us prove it to you.

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No project is TOO BIG or too small for us. We have the right set of skills and capacity to complete the projects with sheer perfection. Doesn't matter if you're an individual or an enterprise simply looking to outsource your projects, we're here to help!